Beachwood Brewing BBQ: Wild Game And Tater Tots Never Tasted So Good

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When you are in the mood for barbeque, there are certainly enough places to pick in the Long Beach area! As a matter of fact, it seems like they might be the most popular type of restaurant that graces our town! So what then, should set one barbecue restaurant apart from any other? After being told that Beachwood Brewing BBQ and Beachwood BBQ, sister restaurants in downtown Long Beach and Seal Beach, were somewhere that was a “ must try” we decided to give it a shot.

We happened to eat at the Seal Beach location, which is a small, long storefront with a bar on one side and seating area on the other. The wait was 45 minutes, on a Sunday night at 6 p.m. For a party of two. Normally, I don’t mind waiting, but I hadn’t expected it, so I really hoped that Beachwood BBQ would not disappoint.

A spot at the bar opened up, and we quickly made our nest, and ordered drinks. Behind the bar hang little individual chalkboards that tell you what beers they have on tap that day, and I watched as a few chalkboards were switched out right in front of me! Of course, I ordered wine. The selection wasn’t top notch, but I never figured it would be at a barbecue joint! According to the regular, who sat next to me, the food was amazing, even if it takes a little longer because it is made from scratch! I was getting even more fired up…

For starters we ordered Lena’s Famous Fried Pickles and the Tater Tot Casserole, which is porcini-dusted tater tots cooked in duck fat with smoked cheese curds and duck gravy for dipping. It was difficult to narrow it down to these two, because the Duck Boudin Blanc (beer braised duck and rice cakes, with mustard barbecue sauce and mushroom, almond and cherry ragout) and the Mini Lamb Corn Dogs served with Habanero Berry Katsup looked amazing too! When the tater tots came out, I do admit they were tasty, but I also have to say the Fried Pickles were so overwhelmingly good that I kind of forgot about the tater tots….even with the duck gravy! The pickles had delicious brine to them, which punched through the beer batter breading. If they weren’t deep fried, I’d be eating these things every day. Seriously.

For dinner, I ordered off of the Wild Game Menu. The menu consisted of many rarely-seen-in-these-parts-of-the-woods items, such as Turtle Stew, and a Charcuterie Plate that includes chicken liver pate, alligator and oyster stuffed galantine and pork head cheese.  I ordered the Wild Boar Meatloaf, which came with blueberry gravy and pistachios. I love me some wild boar, and outside of Italy and some very classical Italian restaurants, you don’t have a chance to order it that often. The blueberry gravy was interesting to say the least, and really tasty. It has a mild blueberry flavor to it with the blueberries distinct. The meatloaf itself was also mild with pistachios for crunch and texture. For my sides, I chose the creamed corn and the asparagus, both of which did not disappoint. My friend ordered the traditional Chicken Pulled Sandwich, which was tender, tasty, and solid.

The wait staff was friendly, albeit busy, and the manager checked on us a time or two, while we waited to eat.  By the time we sat down, the restaurant was pretty much packed at standing room only and then a healthy spill out to the street. The bartender also told me that they sell jugs of beer at the Downtown Long Beach location where they brew on premise! We will have to check out that location next time!

All in all, our meal was solid, and while we had to wait, it was certainly worth it.  The barbecue sauces that line the tables were delicious and unique too, and added to our meals. Be prepared to wait for a table at this busy barbecue but know that once you sit down, your palette will be challenged in new and exciting ways.

Beachwood Brewing BBQ is located at 210 E. 3rd street in Downtown Long Beach and Beachwood BBQ is located at 131 ½ Main Street in Seal Beach. For more information and hours, check out their website at

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  1. Von says:

    Food looks delicious . And it wasn’t what I was expecting to hear about from a BBQ”joint” . I’ll have to visit this place when I visit my family next summer.