Belsito Roche Fine Art Gallery Hosts Reception for Grant Charles Bathke

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Located at 1734 East Broadway, the proprietors of Belsito Roche Fine Art Gallery, Paul Belsito and Steven Roche, are both artists.

Perhaps you have driven by on a Saturday night and seen the large crowd spilling out onto the sidewalk during an opening night. Perhaps you have walked by afterhours and stood in front of the window, admiring the aesthetics of the gallery from an outside perspective. Or perhaps, in the hustle bustle of a gentrifying area of Long Beach, filled with gay bars and interior design storefronts, you have yet to notice this neighborhood hot spot.

The next time you are in the neighborhood, stop in to see the art work. Both Belsito and Roche are friendly, warm and inviting. The gallery itself showcases featured artists that are typically local to Southern California and if you hit the gallery on the right day, you will also get to see the stunning New Mexico landscape photos by Roche or the lifelike, eclectic portraitures of the famous by Belsito.

The gallery hosts openings in the main area, although the party also meanders out to the back patio, like it did last Saturday, February 27. This event was to introduce the works of artist Grant Charles Bathke, a member of the Long Beach Arts organization who has his MFA from Cal State Fullerton. According to Belsito, because there is so much foot traffic in front of the Belsito Roche Fine Art Gallery, several of Bathke’s works were already sold previous to his opening night. When asked about the opening reception events, which showcase featured artists, Belsito says, “Every show, we try to feature someone new.”

The turnout, like their previous events, was successful and filled not only the gallery itself and the courtyard in back, but spilled out on Broadway as well. The crowd was a mix of artists, collectors, locals and beau monde, all out to socialize, preview and buy art, and imbibe in all the forms it connotes. Speaking of imbibe; Belsito Roche also had a sponsored vodka tasting during the evening by Three Olives Vodka and Metro Q Bar. The flavors included raspberry and bubble gum amongst others.

Grant Charles Bathke has several pieces on display, and there was an appreciative discourse that ran through the crowd during the evening of his opening reception. His artwork will be on exhibit until April 3. For more information on visiting Belsito Roche Fine Art Gallery, see their website: and for more information on Grant Charles Bathke, visit his page on the site at

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