Berlin: Delicious Food and Coffee with a European Flair

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It was a gorgeous Saturday when I met a friend at Berlin in Downtown Long Beach.  I had heard good things about this coffee shop through the grapevine, and it seemed like a great day to check it out.

The parking was easy on the street and as I ventured in, I noticed the large wall of glass doors that opened up onto the street, the wood paneling on the walls that added a contemporary vibe to the place and the ample seating for solo guests as well as people meeting each other for work or pleasure. Berlin shares it’s space with Fingerprints, an album and book seller that they formed a partnership with when the store moved to a downtown location from Belmont Shore.

The menus were adorable albums converted into clipboards. The fare is mostly sandwiches and salads, along with decadent desserts. They also serve Belgian waffles for breakfast. Sounds great, and against my diet! I ordered the Paysanne Salad, which consists of mixed green, dill, shallot, brioche croutons, bacon, a poached egg, in lemon honey vinaigrette.  There was also a Beet Salad on the menu that looked just as yummy, plus Miso-Ginger Chicken Skewers and some amazing sandwiches like the BBQ Pulled Pork or the White Cheddar Burger.

When the salad arrived, the egg was poached perfectly, and honestly, there is something about a poached egg on a bed of greens that gets me every time.  Seriously yummy.  I loved the dill going through the salad, as well as the freshly cooked bacon and the shallots.

Of course, dessert was a necessary as well, particularly with the tarts staring me down when I ordered my food. At Berlin, you order at the counter, are given a number, and then find your seat, similar to Portfolio Coffee House. As a matter of fact, the owner of Portfolio has a stake in Berlin Coffee House as well.  We decided to try the Vegan Lemon Tart and the Jamaica Tea Crème Brulee.  The lemon of the lemon tart was truly amazing, and didn’t have the usual fake sweet lemon flavor that so many lemon tarts end up with. The crème brulee had raspberries on top and was decadent and perfect.

Located at 420 4th street in the downtown area of Long Beach, Berlin is a great place for a meeting, a quick bite or a working lunch. WiFi is available from the counter, with a purchase.  For more information visit their website at



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  1. Kari says:

    That vegan lemon tart sounds delicious! Definitely going to check that place out!