Beyond Jobs Will Train Single Mothers for Success in the Workplace

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beyond jobs for single mothers

The Beyond Jobs program for single mothers will be administered by Goodwill.

Goodwill Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County recently announced Beyond Jobs, a new program funded by the Walmart Foundation and administered by Goodwill Industries that empowers single mothers with all the tools they need to find employment, succeed in the workplace and support their families.

Beyond Jobs is a program that assists single mothers with job training and placement, and also helps plan for their continued success. Goodwill works with each woman to create an individualized, holistic plan that outlines how she will gain and retain a job, advance in her career, and ensure long-term financial stability for her family.

According to recent Census numbers, 26 percent of all children now grow up in families headed by single mothers, many of whom face significant struggles in this brutal economic climate. Single mothers are twice as likely to be unemployed as married women, and during the current economic crisis, the unemployment rate for single mothers has ballooned to 12.3 percent, the highest rate ever recorded.

“Finding a steady job is a top-of-mind issue for every unemployed single mother, but the struggle doesn’t end when she finds a job,” said GoodwillSOLAC’s President/CEO, Janet McCarthy-Wilson. “Goodwill’s Beyond Jobs program helps mothers and families by providing more than a job, giving each woman the full set of tools she needs to support her family today and in the future.”

Each participant in the Beyond Jobs program receives a complete career assessment, individualized career planning, job skills training, and assistance with job placement. Recognizing that landing a job is only one step on the road to success, Beyond Jobs also provides mothers with continued financial education, family strengthening services, early education and child care assistance, and connections to healthy food and nutrition initiatives.

“This grant to GoodwillSOLAC will support single mothers in southern Los Angeles County by assuring they have access to gaining the necessary skills for today’s jobs,” said Margaret McKenna, president of the Walmart Foundation. ”We are pleased to support this project because it gives single mothers the opportunity to continue to play a vital role in the workforce while providing for themselves and their families.”

Quawtesha Jackson, a 20-year-old single mom, is already seeing success from the Beyond jobs program after entering GoodwillSOLAC’s Loss Prevention Program in September of 2010. Ms. Jackson was receiving state assistance and had little work experience, but she wanted to provide a better life for her and her child. As she progressed through the 8-week program, her confidence grew and she was the first from the class to obtain a job, even before the course was completed. Quawtesha is now near full-time employment with a major retail store as a Loss Prevention Agent and is nearing self-sufficiency.

Goodwill serves the people of southern Los Angeles County with skills training, education, job preparation and placement programs build lives, families and communities—one job at a time. For more information about GoodwillSOLAC’s programs and services, and how you can support people in our community, visit

The Walmart Foundation funds initiatives focused on education, workforce development, economic opportunity, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness. To learn more, visit

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