Biblical Treasures of Turkey premiers at Art Theatre

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biblical-treasures-turkeyBiblical Treasures of Turkey,” a breathtaking journey that brings to life the story of St. John and the seven churches of the Bible, will make its cinematic premiere in Long Beach at the newly renovated and reopened Art Theater of Long Beach on August 18 at 7:30 p.m., as well as promote an upcoming tour of the same theme.

Produced and presented by Robin D. Williams, “Biblical Treasures of Turkey” traces Williams’ methodical search throughout Turkey to unveil countless biblical treasures. It is based on the story of St. John and the Seven Churches, one of which in Izmir (known in ancient times as Smyrna), a sister city of Long Beach. Some historians consider St. Paul to be the author of two-thirds of the Bible’s New Testament.

“The movie ‘Biblical Treasures of Turkey’ will appeal to history buffs, those interested in the beauty of foreign cultures and Christians who want to gain a deeper understanding of the history of their faith,” said Dennis Aytekin, Chairman of the Izmir-Long Beach Sister Cities Association. “It will also open the door to those interested in traveling to the region of our sister city Izmir to see it all first-hand.”

Williams is one of the top contemporary American producers of travel documentaries. His films have been celebrated by audiences in the United States and Canada since 1967 and he has been a regular on the National Geographic Society’s Film Lecture Series since 1972. During the evening, which will include culinary samples and live music from Turkey’s Izmir region, Williams will give an explanation of his upcoming mid-October 10-day tour as featured in the movie and guided by him personally.

The trip, assisted by the municipality of Long Beach’s sister city Izmir, will include stops at landmarks such as Ephesus, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, as well as meals in the homes of select Izmir families and a visit to the city’s 19th century American College including Greek Island Patmos where St. John wrote the New Testament.

Izmir, Turkey, became a sister city of Long Beach in 2005 in an effort introduce the foreign city to the people of Southern California, as well as to increase intercity cooperation at the municipal level, to promote cultural understanding between the communities and to stimulate economic development.

“Izmir, Turkey, is a place of beauty and fascinating historical significance,” said Aytekin. “The connection between that city and ours is unique and vibrant, and one we trust all the residents of Long Beach can find exciting.”

About the Film: Biblical Treasures of Turkey

This astounding film is a beautiful journey of discovery. Robin D. Williams explored Asia Minor for 30 years and this film is the result of his discoveries. The biblical events that took place in Asia, actually took place in what is now called Turkey! You will see the Roman World of St. Paul and St. John and the Byzantine Empire of the Greek Patriarchs.

Walk the ancient Greco-Roman highways with the Apostles. Hear the monks speaking the language of Jesus; Aramaic! Visit whole neighborhoods of Roman houses in Ephesus where Robin brings daily Roman family living to life! See the faces of the people who lived in the 1st Century A.D. See the ancient cities, caravan routes, ancient harbors and underground cities.

Online tickets and more information about the movie event and the upcoming tour can be found at

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