“Walk It or Lock It”- Bike Long Beach and LBPD Work Together to Ensure Safe Sidewalks

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free bike safety clinicsWith Long Beach continuing to gain acclaim as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the nation, more residents and visitors are riding bicycles in the City than ever before. This brings significant health and economic benefits citywide, but also an increase in the number of bicyclists riding on sidewalks – which is illegal in business districts.

“I’m delighted to see the increase of residents using their bicycles to travel within our City, and I encourage safety and respect for everybody,” Mayor Bob Foster said. “As we continue to work toward being a bike-friendly city, we also want to ensure that we are still pedestrian-friendly.”

Bike Long Beach and the Long Beach Police Department are working together to remind bicyclists to “Walk It or Lock It” on the sidewalks in the business districts – walk bicycles when on the sidewalks, or lock them up at one of the City’s 1300 public bike racks. Business districts in Long Beach include Downtown Long Beach, the East Village Arts District, 4th Street Retro Row, Belmont Shore (2nd Street), Bixby Knolls, and Cambodia Town.

Police officers are handing out cards, which explain laws and encourage pedestrian friendly behavior.

“We’re committed to ensuring the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell, “and will continue to provide enforcement and education throughout our business districts.”

Other efforts to promote “Walk It or Lock It” include new signage in the downtown areas and new sidewalk stenciling in business districts reminding people to “walk your bike on the sidewalk.”

“Bicyclists need to respect the rights of pedestrians just as we expect motorists to respect the rights of bicyclists,” said Allan Crawford, Bicycle Coordinator, City of Long Beach. “We applaud and appreciate the work of police officers to help educate everyone in our city about the rules for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.”

Additional information about bicycle safely in Long Beach, along with some suggested local rides, a calendar of bike-related activities, and other related information can be found at the newly redesigned www.BikeLongBeach.org website.


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