Bixby Knolls readies for July First Fridays

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knolls-ranger July first fridaysFirst Fridays kicks off the Independence Day holiday weekend with a blast of art, music, and community. Begin your holiday festivities with all the sights and sounds that First Fridays has to offer including an amazing display of fire-works..or actually, some fire dancing from Sirena Serpentina. Car art, Potential Lunatics, food, beverages, Mike the Poet, experimental sound work, vintage vinyl, BK farm stand, Shakespeare, and drums await you.

First Fridays has new traditions that started last month. Attendees are no longer just spectators but active participants!  People are encouraged to bring something to stick on the “Leave Something Behind” collage. Post a penny, photo, leaf, hair pin, cuff link, heirloom, or anything in your pocket to create a unique abstract collection.  Also, bring your creativity for our community art piece where you pick up the pen and draw, sign your name, write a poem, or leave your mark.

Stop by the First Fridays Information Table from 6:30pm – 8pm, located on the northwest corner of Bixby & Atlantic Ave, where you’ll find info about First Fridays, maps, business info, and restaurant recommendations.

When the businesses start to close, “after hours” begins at Nino’s Italian Restaurant for the newest feature, “drink and draw.” Come in with your inspiration from the night, relax and enjoy a beverage, grab a sketch pad and pen, and draw your buddy or the scene all around you.

Dine on Art-Lantic Avenue at one of the tasty restaurants then grab the Big Red Bus that will transport you venue to venue from designated stops at the participating businesses.

The mission of First Fridays is to promote and support local artists, musicians and by providing them with an outlet in a local business to showcase their work.  Every first Friday night of the month, participating Bixby Knolls businesses will unite to promote local artists and musicians through extended operating hours. In doing so we hope to encourage a dialogue between businesses, artists and the community.  For complete information regarding the different venues, check the First Fridays website.

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