Bixby Knolls targets graffiti

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graffiti cleanup bixby knolls

BKBIA staffer, Krista Leaders, sprays solvent to remove graffiti.

The Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association has recently partnered with the Department of Public Works to eliminate graffiti in the district. The BKBIA encourages all business owners and residents to call the city’s graffiti hotline to report any tags as soon as possible but wanted to take this to the next level.

Blair Cohn, executive director for the BKBIA, explains the organization’s plan of attack for fighting graffiti in the 8th District shopping and dining area.

“We started to notice that the smaller graffiti tags grew in numbers as the taggers would write on traffic signs, windows, and light poles. These are harder to see when you are driving down the corridors but are more noticeable on foot. The idea was to help speed up the process by asking Public Works for the materials that could remove the paint, chalk, or ink ourselves.”

“One day a week we spending walking the district picking up trash, pulling weeds, reporting code enforcement issues, watering trees, and making notes for new projects. We figures since we are out there already, why not be able to remove the graffiti immediately instead of having to put the entire burden on the city to do it? It is actually more enjoyable on some days to get out from behind the desk and be outside getting our hands dirty to make the district look good.”

“We put in a formal request to Mike Conway, Director of Public Works, who was in favor of this idea and got the support from the council offices (7th & 8th Districts) to partner with the department to create our own graffiti program. It’s the whole “broken window theory” that if we just leave the graffiti alone it only encourages more graffiti. We wanted to be more proactive and try to stay on top of the issue as best we could.”

“It’s not necessarily the magic wand to eliminate the graffiti problem all together but we feel good about making the district look better and being a partner with the city to do so.”

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