Bixby Road Bike Lane completes Long Beach bike loop

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bixby road bike lane long beachLast week the City of Long Beach installed a new bike lane on Bixby Road.  The Bixby Road Bike Lane includes striping, signage, and bike lane pavement markings along Bixby Road from Country Club Drive to Cherry Avenue.

This new bike lane connects Los Cerritos Park, Longfellow Elementary School, and Hughes Middle School, and passes through a portion of the Bixby Knolls’ commercial district on Atlantic Avenue.

“The installation of the Bixby Road Bike Lane furthers the City’s efforts to create a sustainable transportation system and expand the City’s bicycle network,” said Mayor Bob Foster.  “It is a great addition to Long Beach and continues our commitment to become the most bicycle friendly urban city in the nation.”

“Bike lanes have many uses. Not only do they improve safety for bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians, but they also help our businesses attract customers,” said Councilmember Tonia Reyes Uranga, who represents the 7th  District.  “These new bike lanes also provide safer access to students traveling to local schools and encourage us all to have a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

“The bike lane will help connect our community in several ways, and that’s why I consider this to be a neighborhood improvement project that will benefit us all,” said Councilwoman Rae Gabelich, who represents the 8th District.

The Bixby Road Bike Lane is a critical link in the City’s larger bikeway system because it helps complete Long Beach’s 33-mile bike loop, which includes the Los Angeles River Bike Path, the Carson Bike Lane, the San Gabriel River Bike Path, and the Shoreline Beach Bike Path.

The bike lane is approximately 2 miles in length and is part of the 34 total miles of bikeways that will be installed this year. These bikeways are being installed to create a citywide bicycle network for cyclists of all ages and skill levels to help create a sustainable transportation system and a more healthy, active, and livable community.

“The Bixby Road Bike Lane is identified as one of the improvements in the City’s Bicycle Master Plan,” said Charlie Gandy, the City’s Mobility Coordinator.  “We are pleased to unveil it during this year’s Earth Week celebration.”

National Bike Month kicks off May 1, 2010 with a full month of activities, including the Long Beach Bike Festival (May 7 – 9), Bike To Work Week (May 17 – 21) and Sunday Farmers Market Bike Rides. For more information on these specific projects or Long Beach’s bike-friendly efforts, contact Charles Gandy, Long Beach Mobility Coordinator, at 562.570.6679 or visit for Long Beach’s Bike Month activities.


2 Responses to “Bixby Road Bike Lane completes Long Beach bike loop”
  1. Allan says:

    Does anyone want to explain what and where this loop is? Is it built, or in the planning phase? Will it require having to take the lane as needed? Or will it be all bike lane?

  2. swoopsworld says:

    I had the same question as Allen. I’ve heard people talk about a loop as it pertains to riding LA River route-Beach bike path then up and over to San Gabriel River route. But to get to Bixby Rd. from there takes a few more routes with some gaps in between. So it would be interesting to know.