Black December Fashion Show Highlights Local Businesses in an Unconventional Way

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Groundwork Fitness is planning another fashion show to entice Long Beach shoppers to stay in the city. The Black December Fashion Show will keep locals shopping local for another weekend.

On December 6, 2014 fashionistas will gather at 236 Pine Avenue, an empty storefront which will soon belong to Localism. The location will allow the event to not only have a fashion show and entertainment, but also vendor booths alongside the walls, so people can interact directly with local business owners. 

Giovanna Ferraro the owner of Groundwork Fitness says, “The people I have met in the 11 months I’ve been downtown are a unique group of entrepreneurs, who have the ability to cross promote for each other all while throwing a great party or event.” This event will be bigger and much more creative than the first.

Ferraro’s goal is to bring light to local businesses in an unconventional way. The runway will offer clothing of course, but other items. Ferraro says, “We can’t reveal all and spoil the fun, but we will tell you this much, some items you can ride and some you can eat.”

The evening will begin at 6pm so people will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at vendor’s booths, products and talk directly to business owners.

No party would be complete without a full bar provided by The Stache Bar. The show will begin close to 6:30pm. until 8:30pm. Then, it’s mingle time until 10pm. Local musician Josh Fischel of Riot Stage will help provide local live music, to be announced soon.

Century Villages of Cabrillo will be present with a raffle to assist homeless children get a wish list met this year for Christmas.

The night is expected to be full of great surprises, so contact Gio at gio@groundworkfitness for any questions. Tickets are sold at Groundwork Fitness for $20.00. There are online purchases as well at

DW of Localism and the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) support this event and have collaborated on the project by offering assistance.

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