Bluff Park Neighborhood Association to Host “Some Enchanted Bluff Park Evening,” a Fundraiser to Benefit Historic Lamppost Project

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Bluff Park Neighborhood Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, will host a fundraising benefit on September 17 for its Historic Lamppost Project with the vision of “bringing lamppost history back” to the Bluff Park Historic District.

City Councilwoman Suzie Price, offering her enthusiastic and generous support, said, “Historic neighborhoods build community pride by bringing residents together for a common purpose.”

East 1st Street is currently the only street in the District to have vintage lampposts, which were installed around 1927. Soon thereafter, more lampposts were planned and placed in the area, but many have since vanished.

Now the Project’s goal is to remove the modern, uncharacteristic “cobra” street lights and install replicas of the East 1st Street lampposts, which will remain intact and be the model for the new installations. In fact, the lampposts are still being made by the original manufacturer! The Project will be phased over many years; the pilot demonstration phase should be completed next year.

On Saturday, September 17, at 6:30 PM, “Some Enchanted Bluff Park Evening” will regale donors with the visuals and songs from South Pacific, featuring local performers Owen Lovejoy and Sara Cooper. Crème de la Crème will cater the gourmet, island-inspired food and hosted drinks.

Offered by Bluff Park owners of a stunning 1920’s Hollywood Regency style historic home, the event will provide a unique and luxurious experience and an alluring surprise when donors find out the home’s address.

Join the community for a tax-deductible engagement to support the Historic Lamppost Project and be a part of history!

Space is limited and filling up. Advance tickets required.
Purchase early by September 1st for $275 each, or $525 for two.
BPNA Members save $10.
CALL 562.433.4434. EMAIL VISIT

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