Bonnie Lowenthal Gets Top Marks from California Seniors

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Congress of California Seniors rate Assemblymember Bonnie LowenthalCongress of California Seniors rates the lawmakers on their commitment to older people and give the Long Beach Democrat an A grade.California’s leading senior citizen group has given Bonnie Lowenthal top marks for her efforts on behalf of older Californians.

The Congress of California Seniors analyzed the voting record of every member of the Legislature, comparing those votes against the priorities of California’s seniors. Assemblymember Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, received a 100-percent favorable rating.

“I’m pleased to see it,” Lowenthal said. “Because I am 100-percent committed to serving our growing population of senior citizens.” 

During her first two terms in office, Lowenthal has carried several bills designed to help seniors receive services in their own homes rather than much costlier and often unwanted stays in nursing homes or other institutions.

“Bonnie Lowenthal has been a leading advocate for seniors since she came to the Legislature,” said Gary Passmore, vice president of the Congress of California Seniors. “Her score on this year’s report card continues that tradition.”

Earlier this month, the governor signed AB 574, which allows the state to expand an effective an federally funded program that provides coordinated care for the frail elderly.

“California is fast becoming the grayest state in the nation, and we very simply have to step up to the plate,” Lowenthal said.

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