Boubouffe Mediterannean Grille: Something New on 2nd St.

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Second Street is starting to look like Mediterranean row meets Belmont Shore.  There are wonderful choices all over Long Beach, but for the quaintness of a beach town, the cute shops in between restaurants and the quality of the food, you just can’t beat this area. Which is why, when Boubouffe Mediterranean Grille opened, I was introduced to another great restaurant in this neighborhood.

The décor is new and the service is friendly. There seems to be a good crowd here and I noticed the table next to us had brought their own wine in for corkage. We started off with the Spicy Mediterranean Fries that were seasoned and had feta crumbled on them. They were delicious and we could have used about a pound more. We also ordered the Chicken Shawarma Wrap which had a delicious garlic sauce and the Falafel Wrap with tahini sauce. Both were great, and the size was great, as they were not huge and easy to eat. The wraps come with your choice of Greek salad, hummus or fries, so we ordered the salad and hummus which did not disappoint.

We finished with an espresso and the Lemon Bread Pudding, which tasted great but had a very unique texture that might take some getting used to.

The service tended to be a bit slow, but that just added to the feeling of actually being in the Mediterranean! I noticed a gorgeous array of hot teas and Italian sodas that I would likely try when I go in again.

It is also good to know that the restaurant shares the parking lot with the garage behind it, so there are a few parking spots there if you can’t find a meter!

I will definitely be coming back to Boubouffe! This place is great!

Boubouffe is located at 5313 East 2nd st  and you can contact them at (562) 433-7000


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2 Responses to “Boubouffe Mediterannean Grille: Something New on 2nd St.”
  1. Andrea says:

    Sounds yummy, will definitely make sure I drop by.

  2. Sam says:

    Good read! What is Boubouffe food?

    But it really did not tell the story of food, I mean fries and dessert as pictures.

    When you write ahout food it should be more about the food the salads the entree and so on.. What is Mediterannean food? that the real question… Its a big Sea, surrounded by a dozen countries… maybe seafood too, hmm…