Brag About Your Bag in Long Beach

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reusable-brag-bagLong Beach will join Los Angeles County in the Brag About Your Bag campaign, which starts today, Tuesday, November 10. The goal of Brag About Your Bag is to encourage shoppers and businesses to forego use of single-use bags in favor of reusable bags, and to reduce their reliance on harmful products.

Each weekend until December 17, the Brag About Your Bag campaign will visit participating Albertsons, Ralphs, HOWS, Top Valu Market and Valu Plus Food Warehouse supermarkets throughout the county to distribute more than 50,000 reusable bags.

At each location, residents who bring in five plastic bags for recycling will receive a free reusable bag in exchange. Anyone that participates in one of the campaign events by recycling 5 plastic bags will also be eligible to win prizes. Grand prizes will be announced at the “A Day without A Bag” wrap up in December. Prizes include:

  • A lunch with NBA Champion Luke Walton, courtesy of 710ESPN.
  • Two lucky winners will win a trip to Miami, Florida to see the popular Sabado Gigante show courtesy of Univision Radio’s KLOVE 107.5 FM and La Nueva 101.9 FM- hotel, airfare and a $500 gift card are included!

Residents are also encouraged to avoid getting more bags then they need and to dispose of bags properly.

“Californians use 19 billion plastic bags annually, or roughly 552 bags per person,” said Mayor Bob Foster.  “To promote a litter-free city, we are asking residents to use reusable bags instead of the single-use bags.”

Only 5 percent of single-use plastic bags are recycled, and more than 600 plastic bags are thrown away per second. If Californians cut their single-use plastic bag waste in half, it would save more than 800,000 barrels of oil and keep 73,000 tons of trash out of our landfills each year.

The Brag About Your Bag campaign goal is to unify the County of Los Angeles and the participating cities, non-profits, and other entities to help educate by:

  • increasing public awareness of the litter impact on the environment;
  • promote the use of reusable bag;
  • increase at-store recycling of plastic bags; and
  • reduce plastic carryout usage

“More than 6 billion plastic carryout bags are used in Los Angeles County each year,” said Councilmember Suja Lowenthal. “The Brag About Your Bag campaign is part of the City’s continuing educational programs to raise environmental awareness, conserve natural resources, and encourage reusable bags.”

“Using reusable bags reduces litter, preserves landfill space and creates less CO2 emissions,” said Environmental Services Manager James Kuhl. “Single-use plastic bags are a tremendous source of litter because they blow along our streets and beaches and marinas, and clog storm drains – costing the City of Long Beach hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in operational and clean-up costs.”

Sixty cities and environmental organizations are joining in the Brag About Your Bag campaign, which kicks off with an environmental fair at the Civic Center Mall, 500 West Temple Street in Los Angeles.

The Brag About Your Bag campaign will culminate  with a Day Without A Bag on Thursday, December 17. A Day Without A Bag is coordinated annually by Heal the Bay on the third Thursday in December and supports similar goals.

For more information or for participating locations, visit For more information about the City of Long Beach’s recycling efforts, visit


2 Responses to “Brag About Your Bag in Long Beach”
  1. Ironic says:

    The irony is that reusable bags are given away so much they are now the NEW disposable bags…

    United States International Trade Commission reported that reusable bags imports, increased from 130 Million in 1999 to 504 Million in 2008; and that 1.6 Billion bags were imported from China alone under this program since just 2004,

    What is their true impact and reuse rate. Enough were imported and then sold or given away to provide each family in America with more than 21.2 bags over the past five years.

    In light of a Wall Street Journal reported that only 10% of people reuse these bags that could meant that 212 bag were provided or sold per family that actually uses them.

    SInce the average family would have used about 365 plastic bags each reusable bag imported is only offsetting 60 plastic bags, what is their true lifecycle cost and impact?

  2. Green says:

    Long Beach is joining LA ? In the most minor of ways since there are only two stores in Long Beach. That’s 1 more then Lakewood which only has one. A very poor showing and not much to brag about.