Brass Lamp Bar Lights the Path With Kickstarter Campaign

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Yesterday, The Brass Lamp signed a lease to occupy 4,000 sq. ft. of the Mark Schneider building on the Promenade.  The Brass Lamp is a book bar and lounge; a fusion of a coffee shop, wine bar, and bookstore.  It’s a place where customers can read a book, work on a laptop, or have nice conversations with a friend.  Serving craft beers, wines, trending small plates and desserts, and of course specialty coffees.

“While normal coffee shops only serve coffee and close too early and your typical bars are too loud and rowdy, a book bar provides the perfect atmosphere for the creative thinker,” says Owner, Samantha Argosino as she describes how she came up with the idea.  “With a third of the bar being occupied by books, the ambiance will be warm and cozy with lush seating giving that living room feeling,” adds Argosino. 

The Brass Lamp is not only going to provide a great new environment for locals to hang out, but will also showcase Long Beach’s creative community through art, photography, writing, and music.  “It is so important to me that this place serve local up-and-coming artists as a forum to show their work and inspire others,” adds Argosino.  In addition, there will be private meeting rooms available for community groups, book clubs, business meetings, and any other type of community congregation.  The bar will be open from 8am through 2am, to accommodate the morning coffee crowd, lunch crowd, happy hour crowd, along with night owl thinkers.

Downtown Long Beach’s culinary scene continued to grow, and The Brass Lamp’s book car concept will perfectly complement the existing offerings.

To raise the final funds needed to open the bar, Argosino launched a Kickstarter Campaign called, “Let’s Light Up The Brass Lamp.” Future customers have until November 25 to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new Downtown addition.   “We have great rewards for the pledges and hope that the incentives brings people in and experiences something far greater than what they were expecting,” Argosino adds.

Anticipation for The Brass Lamp is building and residents, community leaders and working folks are sharing their enthusiasm and excitement. With construction scheduled to start before the new year, The Brass Lamp is schedule to start the hiring process in February 2015 and then open doors in April-May.

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