Councilmember Steven Neal to Host Building A Better 9th District Outreach Day

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steven-neal Message from Councilmember Steven Neal

Councilmember Steven Neal

Residents are invited to participate in the Building A Better 9th District Outreach Day. Join fellow neighbors as they reach out to residents throughout the district to share the importance of getting involved in the community. Residents will also take this opportunity to spread the word about the upcoming North Long Beach Community Assembly on July 21 at Houghton Park. Lunch will be provided to those who participate courtesy of Long Beach Firefighters Association, Local 372.

Residents will be assigned teams and dispatched across the district to walk each of the nine neighborhoods, which include:

  • College Square
  • Coolidge Triangle
  • DeForest Park
  • Grant
  • Hamilton
  • Houghton Park
  • Ramona Park
  • Saint Francis
  • Starr King

Volunteers will be provided with a tri-fold walking piece to hand out to neighbors. The walking material features an “infographic,” a graphic visual representation of information and data of Ninth District community accomplishments over the last two years, as well as invitation to upcoming community events.

Building A Better 9th District Outreach Day is July 14, 2012 9 a.m. – Noon at Houghton Park 6301 Myrtle Avenue, Long Beach CA 90805

To RSVP contact the 9th District Council office at 562-570-6137.

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