Cal State Long Beach Pow Wow turns 40 in March

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indian pow wow cal state long beachCalifornia State University Long Beach’s (CSULB) annual Pow Wow, an American Indian social celebration, returns to the campus’ Central Quad on Saturday and Sunday, March 13-14.  Admission is free, and parking is $4.

The 40th annual two-day event, which will feature American Indian dancing, arts, crafts and food, begins at 11 a.m. each day and runs until 10 p.m. on Saturday and 6 p.m. on Sunday.

“We are celebrating 41 years of American Indian Studies, the oldest American Indian Studies Program west of the Mississippi, and the 40th annual Pow Wow,” said Craig Stone, professor of art and American Indian studies at CSULB and faculty advisor to the campus’ American Indian Student Council and Pow Wow.  “We are looking forward to the next 40 years and beyond.”

In addition to contests and inter-tribal dancing, there will be gourd dancing with dancer registration closing at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 13.  All dancers and drums are invited.

Native foods such as mutton and beef stew, Navajo tacos, fry bread and Indian burgers will be on sale at the event, and American Indian vendors will be selling both traditional and contemporary American Indian art.

The largest spring event of its kind in Southern California, the Pow Wow at CSULB is focused on displaying the university’s strong American Indian presence.

Members of the head staff and their affiliations are:

  • Master of Ceremony: John Dawson (San Carlos Apache)
  • Arena Director: Victor Chavez (Diné)
  • Head Man Dancer: Les Peters (Yakama)
  • Head Lady Dancer: Laurie Whitecloud (Otoe-Missouria/Diegueño)
  • Head Southern Singer: TBA
  • Host Northern Drum: Horse Thief (Southern California)
  • Host Gourd: Golden State Gourd Society
  • Spoonkeeper: Michael Cruz (Chumash)

The event is presented by CSULB’s American Indian Studies Program, American Indian Student Council, American Indian Student Services, Student Life and Development, the Division of Student Services, and Associated Students Inc.

For additional information about the 40th Annual Pow Wow celebration at Cal State Long Beach, call (562) 985-8528 or e-mail  Those interested can also visit the Web site at


2 Responses to “Cal State Long Beach Pow Wow turns 40 in March”
  1. michael takiius Bracamontes says:

    miiyaa!(Hello) I’m very honored by all the long work and dedication this great staff and students have done with this pow wow and bring together all of us California decendants,The Tongva,Ataham,Chumash,Ohlone and Luienos but best of all to the Oaklahoma people for awknowledging us in our terrtories,while having these great pow wows.Especially during a time like the late seventies when we were looked down as Mexican or Spaniards. Not native Americans,we have truely come a long long way and as a proud Juaneno/Tataviam. My heart fills with great pride each time the people of every nation and each direction step upon my land we honor you all.great respects.michael Ghostcrow.

  2. Yo says:

    The Pow Wow at Cal State Long Beach is a wonderful event that I am bringing my family to today. Mexican people are Mestizo meaning they are part Spaniard and part Indigenous with other admixtures such as Sub-Saharan African included. We had no control over how we “came to be” but it is my wish that people of Mexican heritage will come to know their Indigenous side and will also come to feel the same pride that you feel.