Cal Writers LB presents Working with a Magazine Editor

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california-writers-long-beach Working with a Magazine EditorThe California Writers Club of Long Beach will host a presentation by Stephanie Starr–Managing Editor of BowTie, Inc.–on working with a magazine editor, on Tuesday, 7 September 2010, at the Los Altos Branch of the Long Beach Public Library, 5614 Britton Drive. Published and aspiring writers of all genres are welcome to attend.

BowTie, Inc. has been a leading targeted publisher and distributor of magazines and books on pets, lifestyles, and hobbies for nearly 30 years. BowTie Inc Managing Editor Stephanie Starr has her master’s degree in journalism and ten years of magazine and newspaper industry experience, years during which she has honed her editing, writing and graphic design skills. She has worn many hats, including those of writer, editor, and graphic designer. She has also been responsible for the creation of advertising material of all varieties, including billboards, television ad scripts, brochures, print ads, and posters.

Stephanie Starrs presentation on how to work with a magazine editor will answer writers’ questions. How do you approach an editor? When’s the best time? What are the rules? Do you e-mail or call? Should you query or pitch? Is there a difference? Can you send the same piece to multiple magazines?

The free monthly meetings of the California Writers Club of Long Beach are held at the Los Altos Branch Library from 6 to 8 pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings are open to the public. More information about California’s most prestigious club for writers is available on the California writers Club website and California Writers Club of Long Beach website. For more information, please call Anne Margis at (562) 595-2114 or Allene Symons at (714) 571-0767.

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