California receives $541 Million to improve jobs skills for unemployed residents

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unemployed job training programsThere is good news on the horizon for unemployed Californians—the state will receive $541 million in Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds from the U.S. Department of Labor. The funds will be used to support or create programs which improve job skills in unemployed workers.

“With unemployment at more than 20 percent in some areas of the 37th District, these WIA funds are desperately needed to get families back on the right track,” Congresswoman Laura Richardson said. “This funding will help our friends and neighbors who are currently out of work to get the advice and training they need to reenter the job market and it will help the community by contributing to the local economy and by creating a better skilled and qualified workforce.”

The WIA is designed to increase employment, job retention, earnings and occupational skills of participants. The program offers three main types of services.

Core Services are available and include, in part, labor market information, initial assessment of skill levels, and job search and placement assistance.

Intensive Services are available to eligible unemployed individuals who have completed at least one core service, but have not been able to obtain employment, or employed individuals needing additional services to obtain or keep employment that will lead to personal self-sufficiency.

Training Services are available to eligible individuals who have met the requirements for intensive services and have not been able to obtain or keep employment. Individual Training Accounts are established to finance training based upon the individual’s choice of selected training programs.

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