Capsized Boaters Rescued by Long Beach Police Port Unit

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SAVES THE DAY FOR CAPSIZED BOATERSOn Thursday, June 9, 2011, at approximately 9:40 a.m., Long Beach Police officers working the Port Unit near the Port of Long Beach were called to assist two maintenance workers whose boat had capsized in the area. Within minutes, officers located the men and their boat, which had completely overturned. Although one man was able to swim to shore, the other man was clinging to the overturned vessel and assisted onto the Police boat where officers conducted a preliminary medical assessment. A boat from the Fire Department arrived shortly after and also evaluated both men,. Besides being shaken up by the incident, both men were uninjured.

After ensuring the men were safe, the officers turned the boat upright and were able to pump the water from it so that it could be towed away.

In addition to responding to emergencies on the water, the Long Beach Police Port Unit provides law enforcement to all Long Beach waterways, conducts cruise line and ship escorts, assists recreational vessels, and oversees the deployment of the Long Beach Police Dive Team.

Established December 17, 2001, roughly three months after the September 11 terrorist attacks of that year, the unit also serves a Homeland Security function by providing a constant law enforcement presence on land and on water to assist in protecting the Port of Long Beach, the second busiest port in the nation. The unit works closely with the Port of Long Beach Security Division, the United States Coast Guard and surrounding law enforcement agencies to ensure this area and surrounding waterways receive the highest level of protection at all times.

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