Cargo Scooters Taking Off in Southern California

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Nimble Scooters are FUN. Somewhere between skateboarding, bicycling and rollerskating, a Nimble gives you an “I feel like a kid again!” experience. This past May during NYCxDesign Week, Nimble Scooters had its official US launch through WantedDesign’s Launch Pad event. Based in Southern California, Nimble Scooters will debut its newest cargo kick scooter. The new Nimble Scooter is practical, easy to maneuver, and perfect for carrying personal belongings for local trips.

Nimble Scooters has been developing its cargo kick scooter since the Spring of 2011. Through the years, it has evolved into the ideal mode of transportation for carrying goods around town. The Nimble is designed to bridge the gap between trips that are too far for walking and too short for powered vehicles like automobiles and buses.

With its cargo-focused design, a Nimble offers more utility for local transportation needs at far less cost than existing bicycles, tricycles, and kick scooters. Nimble’s are designed to conveniently carry a huge variety of things such as groceries, deliveries, book bags, etc. Due to this focus, Nimbles are fantastic vehicles for a variety of situations such as making family trips to the grocery store or for making business deliveries in a warehouse.

Furthermore, with its heat treated aircraft grade aluminum frame and food grade plastic cargo tub, a Nimble Scooter weighs around 25 pounds. Due to its lightness, it can easily be loaded into a minivan, rolled onto an elevator, or carried up a flight of stairs. Plus with its compact design, eight Nimble Scooters can park in the same space as an average economy car.

Also, its patented steering system provides unsurpassed stability and control. Nimble’s steering system has been extensively tested to be strong, lightweight, and most importantly safe. Unlike bulky cargo bicycles or bike trailers, with its tight turning radius a Nimble can coast through crowded sidewalks with ease.

Nimble Scooters are available in Pacific Blue, Sunset Orange and Coffee & Cream for the price of $299 + shipping anywhere in the United States. Find out more at

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