Certified Sacred Pregnancy Courses Now Offered in Long Beach

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Sacred Pregnancy is proud to welcome Tanya Comerford, the latest addition to its growing list of pregnancy and birthing journey instructors. Tanya is the first instructor to be leading certified Sacred Pregnancy Courses in Long Beach, California. Long Beach is a growing mecca for all things green, sustainable, natural and healthy like farming, biking, yoga and birthing.

“Since we first heard about Sacred Pregnancy, we wanted to collaborate with them somehow. And now we are honored to be hosting Sacred Pregnancy Classes at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing,” says Jenny Ahn, co-founder of Sacred Roots Holistic Healing and post-partum doula. “Promoting awareness about natural pregnancy, child birthing and post-partum care is essential for the growth of fear-free birthing and important to us! Thank you,” says Jocelyn Fee, co-founder of Sacred Roots Holistic Healing.

Upcoming Sacred Pregnancy Classes:

Sacred Pregnancy Classes
Thursdays, August 1st – September 19th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing, 316 Redondo Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90814
Cost: $400
To register: E-mail Tanya.Quinn@CommuneLoveProsper.com or call (562) 546-3852
For more details visit: www.CommuneLoveProsper.com

Birth Journey for Couples Series
Thursdays from October 3rd – October 24th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing, 316 Redondo Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90814
Cost: $200
To register: E-mail Tanya.Quinn@CommuneLoveProsper.com or call (562) 546-3852.
For more details visit: www.CommuneLoveProsper.com

Sacred Pregnancy classes hold space for pregnant women to connect with one another and their pregnancy experiences in meaningful and personal ways. The classes bring back the age-old tradition of women sitting with one another during pregnancy and birth, becoming empowered, witnessing each others’ processes, and being there for one another during an incredibly power-FULL rite of passage…becoming mothers. Mothers-to-be are invited to look deeply at the issues unique to their journey and find a centered, peaceful place to live their pregnancy fully.

The sessions are a special place for pregnant women to gather together for, “Pregnancy Journey” classes, eight weeks early in their pregnancy journeys and again for, “Birth Journey” classes, four weeks toward the end of their pregnancies. Each week is spent exploring pertinent topics that naturally arise for most women as they walk down their pregnancy paths and encourage deep sharing, exploring art, expression, laughter, honoring and celebration.

Tanya is passionate about empowering women to have the birth and pregnancy they desire.

“As a birth doula for the past nine years, I have been so blessed to support women throughout their pregnancies, labors and births but over the years I have recognized that something has been missing in the way that women experience their pregnancies and births. Through my time with Sacred Pregnancy, I have been overjoyed to find that I am not alone and that women can have access to what they really need, Sacred Space, Connection, Exploration, Honoring and Celebration. I am thrilled to be able to provide this to the pregnant women of my community. I want them to connect with their babies, one another, their partners and themselves on a deeper and transformative level that will not only prepare them for pregnancy, labor & birth but set a foundation for motherhood and beyond,” says Tanya Comerford.

About Commune Love Prosper: Commune Love Prosper is the creation of local Long Beach artist, resident and business owner, Tanya Comerford. With her expertise in the fields of sacred birthing, holistic nutrition, green living, and natural beauty, Tanya has been providing individual clients with personalized support on their journey to health and wellness. In addition she creates workshops, collaborative events, products and services that inspire conscious, simple and healthy living. From the garden, to your table, from the womb to your arms, from our heart to yours, let us serve you and celebrate the full circle of life. We aspire to provide both pleasure and instruction on various topics of body, mind and spirit. Please visit www.CommuneLoveProsper.com to learn more.

About Sacred Roots Holistic Healing: Sacred Roots brings awareness to self transformation & empowers each individual in taking well-being into your own hands. We are a collective of practitioners and doctors providing alternative healing based in Long Beach, CA. We offer services including Therapeutic Massage, Chiropractic, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Holistic Nutrition, Counseling and a variety of Energetic Healing. We also offer and host conscious minded workshops for our community. Please visit www.SacredRootsHolisticHealing.com  to learn more.

About Sacred Pregnancy: Sacred Pregnancy was created by Anni Daulter. Daulter is the author of the Sacred Pregnancy book, the creative director and editor of the Sacred Pregnancy magazine and the creator of the Sacred Pregnancy Class Series + “LOVE labor” Method. Anni is a conscious family living lifestyle expert, a professional cook, national speaker on natural living and recently launched the Sacred Pregnancy Movement, which provides sisterhood, resources, and cutting edge pregnancy, birthing and parenting information for both new and experienced moms and has created a whole new vision for birth workers. For more information on Sacred Pregnancy the book, classes, courses and CD, please visit www.sacredpregnancy.com. For more information on Sacred Pregnancy Long Beach classes, connect on Facebook.

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