Check air quality, cut smog with AQMD iPhone app

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air quality appThe South Coast Air Quality Management District today launched the nation’s first fully featured smart-phone application for a wide range of air quality information.

The free Air Quality app, designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, features real-time and forecasted air quality levels for user-selected areas; a user-friendly carbon footprint calculator, an interactive map of alternative fuel filling stations, air quality news and other features that can provide immediate access to materials that help promote healthy living.

“Now, for the first time, Southland residents have the ability to find out air quality levels in their neighborhood in the palm of their hand,” said William A. Burke, Ed.D., AQMD’s Board Chairman. “The application also gives them the tools to take personal actions to reduce air pollution. We understand that our residents need access to key health information using new methods and this iPhone app is indicative of this thinking.”

One of the useful features of the AQMD app allows users to report smoking vehicles either through a direct-dial to AQMD’s CUT-SMOG hotline or a voice recording that can be sent at a later time. To help Southland residents get involved in the fight to clean the region’s air, the app includes an online form to join AQMD’s Clean Air Congress, a group of thousands of residents who keep in touch with new clean air technologies and air quality issues that affect their communities through AQMD. The app also includes specific steps that residents can take to reduce their air pollution and carbon footprint.

The app shows the locations of hundreds of alternative fuel stations in the four-county region including natural gas, electricity, hydrogen and propane. Once a fueling station is selected, the app directs users to it with an interactive map.

The free app can be downloaded now at the Apple App Store. Or watch this short video on the app:


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  1. cameron says:

    nice app, but something is not right about needing to consider the fact that kids may get cancer from playing soccer outside and cars are burning in the streets. hey, just tag it. smooth guitar track does help ease the anxiety.