Two Cinematic Screenings to Kick Off Zombie Walk IV Begining Saturday

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Zombie Walk IV Kicks Off With Two Cinematic ScreeningsThis year we’re kicking off Zombie Walk Long Beach with not one but TWO cinematic tales of the undead – 1992′s ARMY OF DARKNESS, and our annual tradition, 2004′s SHAUN OF THE DEAD! We’re screening these awesome flicks as part of our new series Downtown Long Beach Drive-In – grab a bite at a food truck (or order food from your window from the Long Beach Roller Derby Girls!), get comfy in your car, tune in your FM dial to the station provided, and enjoy the show! Both films screen at the historic Press Telegram building, located at 604 Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach.

Tickets to Downtown Drive In payable at the gate (cash only!) and are $10 per person, $5 for Long Beach Cinematheque card-carrying Members (it pays to join! Children 13 and under may enjoy the event free of charge! “Foodies” welcome to come in free (in-and-out guests who simply wish to come in on foot, order from a food truck, and not stay for the show). Gates: 6:30pm / Film: 8:00pm!

ARMY OF DARKNESS screens Saturday, October 22nd!: The third installment of Raimi’s legendary Evil Dead trilogy, Army of Darkness picks up immediately at the climax of Evil Dead II – emerging victorious after a long and bloody battle with a houseful of ghouls, our hero Ash nevertheless finds himself suddenly transported into the past. Deserted and alone, Ash is discovered by a band of medieval warriors, and immediately shackled into slavery. Of course, it’s not long before tough-as-nails Ash breaks free, brandishing chainsaw and shotgun alike as he flexes his muscle and unleashes a torrent of one-liners that all but solidified actor Bruce Campbell’s status as a cult hero of the genre. Banding the terrified villagers together against a dark and looming foe, Ash sets out to retrieve an ancient book that promises victory over evil and a return to his home – if only he can remember the magic words…Info at

SHAUN OF THE DEAD screens the night before Zombie Walk Long Beach, Friday October 29: What’s Long Beach Zombie Walk without a screening of Edgar Wright’s rom-zom-com classic Shaun of the Dead!? Shaun (Simon Pegg) is a twenty something salesman at an electronics store who loves nothing more than playing video games with his lethargic best friend Ed, (Nick Frost) and getting drunk at his neighborhood pub, The Winchester. His girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) however, wants a little more spontaneity and romance in their relationship, and promptly dumps him. After a night of pity-party drinking at the pub, Shaun’s best friend Ed reminds him that “It’s not the end of the world…” Well, it IS the end of the world: the Zombie Apocalypse has hit, and Shaun has to fend off the walking dead, save his doting mother Barbara (Penelope Wilton) and his curmudgeon stepfather Phillip, (Bill Nighy) and somehow win back his girlfriend Liz and keep her (and everyone else he knows) from getting their brains eaten.

Shaun of the Dead is British writer/director Edgar Wright’s loving homage to romantic comedies of his youth, as well as the zombie classics of George Romero. Re-teaming with most of the cast of his classic BBC series Spaced, Shaun of the Dead is one of the best comedies of the past decade, not to mention one of the best zombie movies of all time. There are few better ways to celebrate the Halloween season than by watching Shaun taking a cricket bat to a zombie’s head!

Thanks to our event sponsor Lunch Truck It for their assistance in lining up food trucks for this event! Come hungry!
Lunch Truck It provides Long Beach a new lunch spot every Wednesday! A handful of gourmet food trucks post up on Coronado Ave. and lure in hungry masses (you and your friends/coworkers), bringing Long Beach professionals, families, students, and local residents together for lunch and bring local awareness to their part of town: The ZaSo Design District, and the larger East Anaheim Business District.

FM Transmission signal will be broadcast to guests in their cars. There will also be speakers in an area for those who wish to sit in chairs/on blankets – bring whatever you need to be comfortable. Out of consideration for those around you, please consider low-back chairs.

We are very pleased to welcome a fantastic new clothing store to Downtown Drive-In – and to Long Beach!! Check out BADFISH Clothing Company , who will be on hand at this month’s Drive-In events AND Zombie Walk with fantastic cult-cinema tees (including some pretty cool zombie attire!).

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