City Begins SEADIP Update: A New Plan for Southeast Long Beach

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LBDS SEADIP Project Area Map

SEADIP Project Area Map

The City of Long Beach has begun a new effort to comprehensively review and update the project historically known as the Southeast Area Development and Improvement Plan (SEADIP), an area covering 1,500 acres of southeast Long Beach.

“This significant undertaking offers a unique opportunity to creatively balance responsible growth with resource preservation, and establish a thoughtful framework to guide strategic changes in this important gateway into our City,” said Mayor Bob Foster. 

The SEADIP update will combine extensive science, data collection and analysis with an inclusive and transparent public involvement strategy. The three-year process provides ample opportunity for the public to provide input on the new plan in various stages of the project and will include an advisory committee representing affected neighborhood groups, natural resource conservationists, and commercial property ownership interests, as well as workshops, community meetings and online community engagement opportunities. Public involvement activities will begin in early January with interactive pop-up events at various locations in the SEADIP area and online engagement activities intended to raise awareness and encourage citizen participation early in the planning process.

“The goal is to develop a plan that will maintain precious natural resources that are in this region, while customizing land uses and development standards to the area. We are looking to identify locations for improvements and expanded transportation options,” says Councilmember Gary DeLong, 3rd District. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to update this area of Long Beach, and it is essential it is done in a collaborative manner.”

For the latest news regarding this project, visit, to sign up for email notifications and project status updates, and register for the Long Beach Town Hall online forum. The project also includes an update to the City’s Local Coastal Plan.

The SEADIP update is funded by a competitive grant awarded to the City from the State of California Strategic Growth council.

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