City Clerk Corrects Sample Ballot Omission

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With the mailing of sample ballot booklets to Long Beach voters beginning March 8, 2014, Larry Herrera, City Clerk, announced that the names of the authors of the argument for and against Measure A were inadvertently not listed in the English language sample ballot booklets.

The author of the argument in favor of Measure A is Jina A. Nam, Esq., Attorney for the Long Beach Collective Association, while the author of the argument against Measure A is Long Beach resident, Larry King. Both Ms. Nam and Mr. King also authored respective rebuttal arguments.

“The omission came to my attention on March 10, and it is my job to take responsibility for the mistake and make sure that voters are alerted of the omission,” said Herrera. “I have also brought this omission to the attention of Ms. Nam and Mr. King. The integrity of our municipal elections and the rights of voters require full transparency and accountability from my point of view.”

The foreign language sample ballot booklets (Khmer, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese) have not been mailed out yet and will be corrected to include the names of the argument writers. These sample ballot booklets will be mailed out in the next couple of days.

Voters can review the corrected sample ballot booklets by: [1] going online at; [2] downloading the free “Vote Long Beach 2014” app now available in the App Store and coming soon to Google Play; or [3] calling the City Clerk Department at 562-570-6101.


One Response to “City Clerk Corrects Sample Ballot Omission”
  1. Larry King says:

    This is typical of this city’s official attitude on anything regarding medical marijuana. They are constantly accidently screwing up and then apologising for it later. Who do they apologise to for screwing up the 2010 collectives lottery and subsequant ordinance, or for saying 43,000 signatures were not enough for a ballot initiative? Try the sick and hurt patients of Long Beach who have been forced back to the black market to find needed relief in this town full of “accidents”. Hopefully the voters will come through and put in a whole new group of lawmakers to run this city and we will hopefully have less accidents in our local government.