City Council Approves New Technology to Help Fire Department Streamline Systems

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The Long Beach City Council has approved the use of a web-based system to help the Fire Department better manage inspection, testing, and maintenance services for fire-protection systems at thousands of buildings throughout the City’s 52 square miles.

“Fire-protection systems save lives. We are using technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our current system by enabling the Fire Department to quickly access this crucial information electronically,” said Mayor Robert Garcia.

Approximately 15 licensed firms currently test fire-protections systems in Long Beach. They submit documentation by e-mail or fax to the Long Beach Fire Department, which logs them into a spreadsheet. To retrieve the reports, Fire Prevention staff review the spreadsheets and manually pull the files.

The new system, called Compliance Engine, collects, organizes and categorizes the annual third party inspection reports. The system tracks building fire-protection systems and knows whether they are compliant, which is integral to keeping occupants and firefighters safe.

“Compliance Engine will proactively drive compliance, increase efficiency by maximizing staff resources, decrease false alarms, and reduce repeat calls and re-inspections,” said Fire Chief Mike DuRee.

The Fire Department will begin using Compliance Engine for the 78 high-rise buildings in Long Beach that have multiple fire-protection systems, and then add commercial, assembly, educational, industrial and eventually residential buildings.

The system will be provided at no cost to the City, and is funded by the inspection and service companies that enter the data into Compliance Engine.

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