City Council Approves Study on Minimum Wage Ordinances

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The Long Beach City Council last night unanimously voted to initiate a study by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation that will examine the potential effects of local minimum wage ordinances, and certain incentives for businesses and nonprofits, on Long Beach. 

Mayor Robert Garcia, who expressed support for the proposed study earlier this month, has released the following statement on the City Council’s vote:

“I commend the Council for its decision to move forward with this important study on the impacts of a minimum wage for Long Beach, as well as possible incentives for businesses and nonprofits. I also appreciate the Council’s support for a collaborative, open process that fits the needs of our community. I am committed to ensuring an objective and thorough examination of this issue that includes all voices and perspectives, and I want to encourage residents, workers, employers and everyone in the community to participate in that process.”

The study is expected to take approximately three months to complete.

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