City Council Hears Proposal for Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program

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Citing the partnership of property owners, tenants and the community, Councilmember Daryl Supernaw and Councilwoman Stacy Mungo endorse the key provisions of the Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program (PRHIP) proposed by staff with the goal of preserving and improving existing affordable housing within the City of Long Beach.

“Housing is a vital resource that is important to our neighbors and to the economic prosperity of our communities,” said Councilwoman Mungo. “This ordinance is a reflection of the proactive steps we are taking to ensure that bad landlords face consequences, code violations are addressed in a timely manner, and to provide safe and healthy neighborhoods.” 

The PRHIP is intended to build on the City’s 2013-2021 Housing Element, certified by the State Department of Housing and Community Development on April 2, 2014, highlighting the critical role played by local government in ensuring an adequate supply and affordability of housing, including a plan to meet the existing and projected needs of all household segments within Long Beach.

“More than 50% of the nearly half a million residents in the City are renters. There are over 176,000 housing units in Long Beach. We must ensure safe, clean and livable conditions for our community.” said Councilmember Supernaw. “This ordinance offers new options for resolving landlord-tenant issues, improving a tenant’s quality of life, and strengthening our neighborhoods.”

Some of the additional local components being introduced as part of the proactive inspection process and in order to better communicate with, outreach to, and educate property owners and tenants on code enforcement and habitability issues include:

  • Notification to property owners and tenants prior to City staff conducting a proactive inspection;
  • A Tenant/Landlord Rights and Responsibilities brochure to be provided to tenants by the landlord. This brochure includes language advising that tenants are allowed to exercise their legal right, such as requesting habitability repairs, without the threat of eviction;
  • Modification to the inspection process when responding to complaints so that no one unit is singled out; and
  • Increased frequency of fines for properties that are not brought into compliance.

More information can be obtained from the staff report presented during and recorded as part of the minutes for the June 2, 2015 City Council meeting.

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