City of Long Beach 2009 Year in Review Details Dozens of Significant Accomplishments

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long-beach-city-sealFrom securing $90 million in federal Stimulus funds to being named the Most Business Friendly City in Los Angeles County, from providing more than 50,000 doses of the H1N1 Flu Vaccine to realizing significant decreases in gang-related shootings, the City of Long Beach today announced a 12-page Year in Review that details significant accomplishments throughout the City.

“Despite experiencing the worst recession since the Great Depression, we accomplished a great deal during the past 12 months, and we have much to be proud of,” City Manager Patrick West said. “This Year in Review reminds us all of the truly remarkable actions and achievements that resulted from City Council policy direction and the efforts of dedicated City staff.”

The Year in Review is available here and at Highlights of the City of Long Beach’s accomplishments in 2009 include:

  • Secured $90 million in Stimulus funds (including Arlington Storm Drain, $1.5 million; Colorado Lagoon Improvements, $4.3M; Street Repair, $14.4M; Workforce Development Funds, $9.5M; Homeless Prevention, $3.5M; Diesel Emission Reduction of Port Equipment, $4M)
  • Negotiated amendments to employee MOUs saving $14 million in the General Fund
  • Named No. 1 Green Fleet in the Nation (second year running)
  • Won National League of Cities’ Gold Award for Municipal Excellence for the Youth Opportunity Center
  • Named Most Business Friendly City in Los Angeles County
  • World’s largest mural on the Long Beach Arena roof painted by the artist Wyland
  • New Long Beach courthouse in Downtown moving forward, with three new designs proposed
  • Demolished the last adult theater/bookstore in the City
  • Received Clean Air Award from AQMD
  • Housing Authority secured a $1.7-million grant to provide 175 rental subsidy vouchers to homeless veterans
  • Gang-related shootings down 8.1% through November 2009 compared to 2008
  • Violent Crimes down 46.5% since 1996; property Crimes down 47.3% since 1996
  • Removed 10.4 million pounds of dirt from the Main Library roof to enhance earthquake safety and rainproof roof
  • Provided H1N1 flu vaccine to more than 50,000 individuals
  • Issued 60 citations for illegal garage conversions

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