City Officials Advise of Suspects Attempting to Gain Access to Homes by Impersonating Gas Employees

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On Friday, January 7, 2011, two separate incidents occurred in the City of Long Beach where someone was impersonating a gas utility employee in an attempt to gain access to the inside of a home.

The community should be aware that all Long Beach Gas and Oil (LBGO) employees have their City identification with them at all times and must present it upon request. LBGO representatives that respond to investigate leaks, light pilots, and check appliances will also be in their full LBGO uniform. If a resident is still uncertain as to the legitimacy of a gas utility service call, they may call LBGO’s 24-hour dispatch center, 562-570-2132 or 2133, to determine the validity of the employee and the service call.

Additionally, residents should never hesitate to ask for proof of identification from any service provider before allowing them access into their home or business. If residents aren’t convinced that the employee is a legitimate representative of the company, they should contact the company directly for verification. Residents should always call 9-1-1 to report any suspicious persons or activity at anytime of the day or night.


One Response to “City Officials Advise of Suspects Attempting to Gain Access to Homes by Impersonating Gas Employees”
  1. Hi this is a customer that has some great concearns about the way thing are being handle at your office. as we live in the hard times of this economy. we all no thart things are hard. but when you get your gas are lights turned off and cant seem to pay to have them back on. its hard times some people have small young children with little of money no other family to turn to. i think its a shame to have to pay a deposit that you do not have. fifty dollars is a little to much. you dont work with the customers you turn off at any given time, some things need to change. are you just dont care.