City Prepares For Powerful Storm; Sand Bags Available

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A powerful Pacific storm is bearing down on Southern California this week, and is expected to bring heavy rainfall and strong wind gusts.

City crews are preparing for the storm with a coordinated, multi-department response by clearing thousands of catch basins; cleaning and testing 26 pump stations; fortifying sand berms on the beach; installing debris booms to prevent trash from entering the marina areas; maintaining storm run-off culverts on the beaches; installing plugs in the Naples sea wall to prevent flooding, as appropriate; deploying additional staff, including Swiftwater rescue teams, and equipment; and closely monitoring the situation. 

Bins of sand and empty bags will be available at noon on Thursday, December 11, 2014, at:

  • Public Works San Francisco Yard, 1651 San Francisco Ave., (enter off Esther Street)
  • Fire Station 14, 5200 Eliot Ave.
  • Fire Station 12, 1199 E. Artesia Blvd.

Residents must bring their own shovels and are limited to filling 10 bags. Empty sand bags are available at all neighborhood Fire Stations.

During periods of significant rainfall, avoid swimming in any coastal waters for three days following the end of the rainstorm.

Residents are also advised to:

  • Avoid areas that are subject to sudden flooding.
  • Do not attempt to drive through a flooded road, or walk across a flowing stream of water where the water is near or above your knees.
  • Slow down at intersections, especially those with non-working signal lights, and treat them as stop signs. Be cautious while driving, especially at night.
  • Take appropriate steps to be prepared by securing personal property and vehicles in areas that are prone to flooding.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips. If you must travel during the storm, dress in warm, loose layers of clothing. Advise others of your destination and estimated arrival time.
  • Be aware of utility workers working in or near the road.
  • Stay off sand berms and stay away from City vehicles and machinery operating along the coastline.
  • Keep pets inside and ensure they have shelter from the storm.
  • Place refuse and recycling carts on the parkway or driveway apron.
  • Report street flooding or downed trees by calling 562.570.2700.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and call 9-1-1 immediately if you see any downed power lines.
  • The City of Long Beach will provide important storm updates via Twitter @LongBeachCity.

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