City Prosecutor Announces IMPACT Award Recipients

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The Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office is proud to announce that it will present 5 awards to individuals and groups who, working with the City Prosecutor’s Office, have made “a significant, positive impact in the City of Long Beach in the past year.”

The recipients chosen to receive City Prosecutor IMPACT awards include:

  1. Lenny Arkinstall, Executive Director, Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewards, Inc., for utilizing the City Prosecutor’s Community Service Worker (CSW) program to preserve sensitive wetlands.
  2. Bernardo Barajas, Police Officer, LBPD, for his efforts to combat gang related crime.
  3. Sean Parilla, Police Officer, LBPD, for his efforts to reduce the number of unsafe and overweight trucks on city streets.
  4. Che Scott, Counselor, Long Beach Unified School District, for his efforts to reduce truancy at Washington Middle School.
  5. West Division Directed Enforcement Team (DET), LBPD, for the entire team’s success in combating gang related crime.

“Each of these recipients have partnered with the City Prosecutor’s Office to make a meaningful difference in our City,” said City Prosecutor Doug Haubert. “There are many unsung heroes who deserve recognition and it was hard to choose just five. All of these recipients have passion for what they do and are fully deserving of recognition.”

IMPACT awards will be presented at a reception on Thursday, January 26, 2012. This is the first year IMPACT awards have been presented by the City Prosecutor, who anticipates the awards will become an annual tradition.

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