City Pushes Local Businesses to Get Online With Free Website Initiative

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Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster announced Tuesday an initiative to get Long Beach’s businesses online through Google’s Get Your Business Online (GYBO) program.  The Long Beach GYBO program is a partnership between the office of Mayor Foster and Google.

“Businesses have to be where their customers are.  Today, that means you have to be online,” said Mayor Foster.  “Although 97% of Internet users are now looking online to find local products and services, 62% of businesses in California still do not have a website.”

Get Your Business Online provides business owners with a custom domain name, customizable web pages, web hosting and access to educational resources free of charge for one year.  Since its debut in July 2011, the program has helped more than 135,000 businesses across the country successfully get online.

Over the next three years, businesses that make use of the web can expect to grow 40% faster than those that don’t, and are twice as likely to create jobs.

Long Beach business operator and co-owner Cynthia Longbrake of Murphy’s Pub in Belmont Shore recently put together her business’ first website through the GYBO program.

“Our website opens my business to a whole new batch of customers,” said Longbrake.  “Although Belmont Shore residents know about Murphy’s, there are Long Beach visitors who aren’t familiar with our unique location.  People today rely more on their smartphones to find a place to grab a bite to eat or drink.  It was well worth the investment of my time to set up Murphy’s website.”

“The misconception that getting online is complex, costly, and time-consuming has prevented many small businesses from taking the first step,” said Scott Levitan, Director of Small Business Engagement at Google.  “This program makes it fast, easy and free for businesses to get online.”

Interested business owners can visit or call Mayor Foster’s office at (562) 570-6801 for further information on the program.

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