LB Film Society’s “Classics Weekend Matinees” Debut: The Color Purple @ The Art

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classic matinee the color purpleThe Long Beach Film Society’s Classics Weekend Matinees series kicks off Saturday morning, February 20 at The Art Theatre with Steven Spielberg’s 1985 masterpiece “The Color Purple.”

The Color Purple was a winner of the Best Director award from the Director’s Guild of America, and 11-time Academy Award nominee.

Oscar-nominee Whoopi Goldberg is mesmerizing in her motion picture debut as Celie, an African American woman who endures a life of hardship and tremendous abuse only to emerge as an empowered and soulful survivor through the help of some friends – namely, singer Shug Avery and daughter-in-law Sophia. For those respective roles, both Margaret Avery and Oprah Winfrey also received Oscar nominations.

This rarely-screened 35mm print of “The Color Purple” is being provided courtesy of Warner Bros.

Classics Weekend Matinees will screen The Color Purple Saturday, February 20 at 11:00 a.m. For tickets to this event, visit The Art Theatre’s website,

The Long Beach Film Society is dedicated to keeping classic cinema and eclectic multimedia events alive in Long Beach. The group regularly promotes vintage and classic film screenings such as the Valentine’s Day showing of Harold and Maude and the new Classic Weekend Matinee series. Stay up-to-date by following them on Twitter at

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