Coastal Commission Gives Go Ahead to Repair Naples Sea Wall

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Naples Long Beach - canal seawalls will be repaired.

After several months of negotiations, the Coastal Commission has approved a plan for the CIty of Long Beach to repair the Naples seawalls.

In unanimous vote, the Coastal Commission today approved the City’s application to proceed with a waterside repair project of the Naples Seawalls.  A key component of today’s action was the approval of a compromise to work with residents through an extensive community input process to design a public walkway on Sorrento Walk that meets the requirements of the Coastal Commission, while addressing neighborhood needs.

“The Naples seawalls are in dire need of repair and must be addressed,” said Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster.  “I applaud the Commission for working with the City and the residents to identify an appropriate solution.” 

The City of Long Beach and the Coastal Commission have been working together over the past several months to design a project to repair the dilapidated seawalls and address significant seismic issues, while providing appropriate mitigation.  The Naples seawalls have been found to be in a state of significant disrepair, and are at risk of collapse in a moderate earthquake.  The seawalls are public infrastructure and are the responsibility of the City of Long Beach.  As such, the City has reserved $9.2 million in Tidelands funding for the project.

The Coastal Commission approved the City’s application on Wednesday, which included 17 conditions recommended by Coastal Commission staff.  Long Beach Vice Mayor Robert Garcia, the Coastal Commission member for Los Angeles and Orange County, proposed a new compromise condition to include stakeholder input into the design of the public walkway, so that neighborhood issues could be addressed, while providing appropriate public access.

“I’m pleased we could identify a compromise that allows us to fix the seawalls, provide appropriate mitigation, and address resident concerns,” said Vice Mayor Robert Garcia and Coastal Commission member.

After significant study of impacts to residents, infrastructure and the environment, the City will install a new cantilevered sheet pile wall that will not require any tie back anchors, and provide maximum protection to adjacent infrastructure.  Additionally, the City will construct the Sorrento Alamitos Bay Shoreline Trail, a public walkway on the northwestern shoreline of Naples Island.  Through the community input process, the City shall consider the trail alignment, privacy walls, vertical accessways to access the path, a signage plan, the width of the walkway and appropriate materials, a lighting plan, ADA access, and restrict the walkway to existing filled areas as it designs and approves the walkway.

“I’m pleased the Coastal Commission voted to approve the permit for the rebuilding of the Naples seawalls,” said 3rd District Councilmember Gary DeLong.  “The seawalls must be repaired quickly, and I appreciate the Coastal Commission listening to the concerns of 3rd District residents who wanted a say in the construction of a walkway so close to their homes.”

The City has been working to finalize construction plans and prepare bid documents in order to expedite the project once all approvals are obtained. The following is the project schedule:

  • Project plan check at the end of October
  • Project goes out to bid-early November and closes December
  • City Council award of construction contract January
  • Construction begins February

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