Friends of Colorado Lagoon rally public support leading up to August 11 meeting

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On July 1 the City of Long Beach released a study looking at the connection between Marine Stadium and the Colorado Lagoon and the possible ways to improve that connection. Moffat & Nichol, the city’s engineering consultant who put the study together, developed four alternatives with an additional alternative, 4A, which was requested by resource agencies.

Friends of Colorado Lagoon (FOCL) has extensively analyzed the study and strongly recommends the alternative requested by those agencies, Alternative 4A, as the best option for optimally restoring the Colorado Lagoon and improving the surrounding area.

Colorado Lagoon Restoration

Alternative 4A is a gently sloping tidal creek meandering through Marina Vista Park with bridges designed for both Colorado St. and Elliot St. Of all the alternatives proposed, 4A provides the most diverse recreational opportunities, enhances Marina Vista Park for no net loss of playing fields and restores the most natural habitat with a beautiful tidal creek through the park.

Alternative 4A also requires the least maintenance in the long term resulting in the lowest overall cost to the city. Friends of Colorado Lagoon has recently championed this option at the Marine Advisory Commission meeting and also the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting.

FOCL believes that Alternative 4A offers several significant benefits in fundability, sustainability, affordability and connect-ability over the other options:

  • The Tidal Creek proposed in 4A is the most attractive to potential funders while the chance to secure monies for another underground culvert is not likely.
  • A wide channel with bridges and gently sloping edges as designed in 4A is the most sustainable for the natural wetlands habitat and the surrounding community.
  • The cost per restored acre table in the study shows that 4A is the least expensive to the City of Long Beach over the long-term.
  • By creating a Tidal Creek that restores the natural flow of water from Alamitos Bay to Colorado Lagoon, we are further connecting the Lagoon habitat with the Los Cerritos Wetlands and Jack Dunster Marine Reserve, we are connecting the people of the community around this innovative restoration and 4A fully connects the clean water of the Pacific Ocean with the Colorado Lagoon.

Support Friends of Colorado Lagoon at Public Meeting

The City of Long Beach will be holding a public meeting to describe the alternatives and give the community an opportunity to comment on the report. FOCL would like to encourage the community to:

  • Read the City’s report on Phase 2 accessible through
  • Attend the Public Meeting on Wednesday, August 11 at 7pm and voice your support of Alternative 4A (location: Bruin’s Den, 4900 E. 7th St.)
  • Write letters and send emails to city staff and councilpersons requesting they approve Alternative 4a ( by Aug 31

Friends of Colorado Lagoon is a 501(c)3 environmental advocacy group that has dedicated its efforts towards improving the Colorado Lagoon for the past 10 years. FOCL is a coalition of concerned citizens working to restore and preserve an important urban wetland in our community. We promote cooperative solutions to ensure a healthy balance between recreation, flood management, water quality, wildlife habitat and native plants at Colorado Lagoon. Our primary goal is to protect public health and environmental resources.

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