Parks and Recreation Commission Approves Dog Park at El Dorado Regional Park

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The City of Long Beach Parks and Recreation Commission today unanimously approved citing a 1.5 acre off-leash dog park in the southeast corner of the El Dorado Regional Park, today announced Fifth District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske. The creation of a dog park in this location will meet the recreational need of residents who have requested a dog park in the east side of the City.

“This is a great opportunity to establish a dog park on this side of town which will attract public support and additional funding,” says Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske who agreed to release $65,000 in oil surplus funds to the Parks, Recreation and Marine Department for its use. “No general funds or property taxes are being used for this one time expense.” Schipske stresses that funding appropriated for Park and Recreation infrastructure improvements will not be impacted by this project and that she is working with PRM staff to identify priorities.

The dog park will include: fencing – perimeter fencing, double gate entry, separation between large and small dog areas, and maintenance access gate), Americans with Disabilities Act required access and use pads, signage, trash cans, a freshwater meter and drinking fountains and dog waste bag dispensers. Maintenance will be performed as part of the existing park maintenance contract.

“I encourage dog owners to step up and contribute to this dog park. My staff and I will be reaching out to potential sponsors, including organizations involved in supporting assistance and guide dogs and dogs serving with the police and military,” notes Schipske, adding that to her knowledge there are no parks nationally which acknowledge these service dogs.

Schipske testified at the Parks and Recreation Commission today and pointed out that she had asked a noted biologist and bird expert to review the recommended site and his conclusion was that it would have the least impact on birds and wildlife.

View agenda item and map of proposed dog park here.

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