Community Groups Host Meeting to Address Concerns of Social Media Threats

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The Long Beach Ministers Alliance and local Neighborhood Community Group, “Anaheim, Orange, Cherry, 7th” (AOC7) will host a meeting with the Long Beach Police Departments Gang Division to receive updates on the recent threats of violence on social media.

Over the last two weeks, there has been an increase in social media threats supposedly originating from a local gang.

The Long Beach Ministers Alliance, AOC7, other leadership groups and the community have taken these potential threats seriously.

As a result, the Long Beach Ministers Alliance has requested the Long Beach Police Department provide a “real time” update to the concerned community.

Alliance President Gregory Sanders stated, “I recently sat down with Commander Robert Luman to discuss the anxieties our community is experiencing as a result of these escalating rumors. The meeting was extremely productive. And although the statistics reveal a recent wave of shootings, it didn’t appear they were directly connected to the surge of threats being volleyed by social media instigators. After my conversation with Commander Luman, we agreed, the best course of action would be to address our apprehensive citizens directly”, Sanders concluded.

The ‘update” meeting will be held Tuesday night, July 7, 2015 at 6:00 PM. The location of the meeting is: Temple Baptist Church, 2825 E. 10th Street, Long Beach, California 90804.

The entire community is invited to attend.

According to Sanders, “the design of this meeting will be different than our previous “town hall” meetings. What I mean by that is, this meeting is not a forum to address Police and community tensions such as hiring practices, officer involved shootings and other issues. We would like to maximize this connection by specifically addressing these latest gang rumors and threats. We would like people to leave with an increased sense of awareness and confidence.”

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