New Electric Car Charging Station Installed; Community Hospital Long Beach Goes “Green”

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Community Hospital Long Beach Goes "Green"

Vu Phan, M.D., and the CHLB engineering team turned CHLB into a greener hospital with the addition of the new GE WattStation™ Wall Mount to charge electric cars

After months of research and hard work, a physician’s “green” dream has become a reality. Community Hospital Long Beach (CHLB) has opened two new GE WattStation™ Wall Mounts – to charge electric cars – for physicians, employees and visitors to use. The addition of the new wall mounts will help CHLB be a greener hospital by offering charging stations to the many visitors on their campus.

Vu Phan, M.D., hematologist and oncologist, CHLB, dreamt of making CHLB a “greener” hospital. Having an electric car himself, Dr. Phan knew that other community members would like to see more charging stations in Long Beach. He knew that this was the next step for CHLB become more environmentally friendly.

Dr. Phan approached Krikor Jansezian, PhD, administrator, CHLB, about his idea. “Automatically, I knew we needed to figure out a way to install a charger for physicians, employees and any visitors that may have an electric car,” says Jansezian.

Jansezian, Dr. Phan and the engineering team at CHLB worked together and installed two GE WattStation™ Wall Mounts in the parking garage. The wall mounts are designed to charge electric cars in four to eight hours compared to the 12 to 18 hours that an ordinary outlet would take and they are completely water-proof. Four designated parking spaces are reserved for anyone visiting CHLB with an electric car.

“I am so thankful to CHLB, Krikor and the amazing engineering team for putting these charging stations together,” says Dr. Phan. “It is very convenient and a great benefit for the Long Beach community. They definitely helped make my ‘green’ dream a reality.”

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