Community Invited to Rename City Place Long Beach Shopping Center

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City Place Long Beach officials, in partnership with the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA), today announced their invitation to the community in the renaming of the shopping center. Members of the community can partake in the process at now through January 4, 2016.

The renaming of the shopping center coincides with the recent announcement to repurpose and reposition City Place Long Beach. The nearly 4-year, 3-phase, multi-million dollar project is now underway.

To offer a new name, guests simply need to go to the City Place Long Beach Facebook page and provide their suggestion under the Rename City Place post pinned at the top of the page. Project renderings and summaries are provided for review as well.

“We look forward to working with the community to rename their shopping center in the new downtown district,” said Tony Shooshani, owner’s representative for City Place Long Beach. “The repositioning of the shopping center will lead to new synergy on Promenade North and in the surrounding areas. We want the new name to reflect this newfound energy.”

The DLBA is providing support and also using its own Facebook page to assist City Place to maximize awareness of the campaign and promote participation in renaming the shopping center.

“We know DTLB deserves better—and that’s why we’re ecstatic about the repositioning of City Place Long Beach into a space that caters to what Long Beach is all about,” said Kraig Kojian, CEO and President of the DLBA. “As we prepare to wave goodbye to the current City Place and welcome in a new era of shopping and public space in its place, we are encouraging Long Beach to participate in City Place’s invitation to rename the center.”

Long Beach-based Studio One Eleven, architects and urbanists, is leading the urban design and facade improvements. In collaboration with P+R Architects, they also designed the interiors for the development. It was announced at the project launch that Studio One Eleven and P+R Architects will become a tenant and will experience firsthand the benefits of their work when moving their 120 jobs from their current location on West Ocean Boulevard.

The first phase of the repurposing project focuses on the areas from Third Street between Pine Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard, and Promenade North between Third Street and Fourth Street. Harvey Milk Park will also play a great role in the new district. The project aims to establish a creative area consciously diverging from the City Place shopping center and aligning itself with the energy and development trends that are taking place to the south of the site.

The project will build on the existing foundation and make it better by integrating into the adjacent downtown, and eventually repurpose the eight-block area into a vibrant mixed-use district featuring a hub of unique restaurants, businesses and retail for all the residents of Long Beach to enjoy.

New dining spaces will include three restaurants lining the entrance to Promenade North on Third Street. The project aims to establish a creative district consciously diverging from the City Place shopping center and aligning itself with the energy and development trends that are taking place to the south of the site.

The building renovations are intended to be simple and contemporary. Materials and graphics creatively transform the art deco style of the buildings into a cohesive urban environment that truly reflects today’s residents and patrons. New buildings adopt a minimalist architectural style, allowing flexibility of tenant modification while forming the backdrop to the excitement of the public realm. Exteriors of long-term tenants will be improved to better integrate into the district, while smaller “maker spaces” will be created for local chefs and artisans, craft brewers, barbers, and clothing designers — all reflecting the changing demographics of the city and current retail and food and beverage trends.

City Place presents 37 retail stores, specialty shops, entertainment venues, and dining outlets to residents, workers and guests to the Downtown area.

City Place Long Beach is a 350,000-square-foot urban, pedestrian-oriented shopping and restaurant destination nestled right in the heart of Downtown Long Beach creating a vibrant global atmosphere and opportunity for the community. The center is located in between Third Street, Sixth Street, Pine Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard. City Place Long Beach provides two hours of free parking in its parking structures and lots, including convenient metered street parking throughout the area. For additional City Place Long Beach information, please call 562-439-2221,  like at Facebook:

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