Congresswoman Laura Richardson Issues Statement in Response to the President’s State of the Union Address

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laura-richardson Response to SOTU

Congresswoman Laura Richardson

First, about the President’s Address.

“President Obama addressed five primary points: innovation, education, rebuilding America, addressing the deficit and establishing respect abroad.”

“As a former preschool teacher, I was inspired by the President’s focus on our youth as a priority and provoking our nation to recognize our teachers as heroes in our neighborhood classrooms.”

“As a member on the Transportation Infrastructure committee, I applaud the President’s goal of giving 80% of Americans potential access to high-speed rail a reality and for the possibility of California leading the way for this service a major achievement. Further, I echo the President’s call to put Americans to work, much like was done in the Great Depression, by rebuilding crumbling roads and bridges thereby doubling our financial efforts to reauthorize funds for the rebuilding of our transportation infrastructure.”

“As a member of the New Dem Caucus, I believe the President gained respect on both sides by not reciting a laundry list of spending without acknowledging that tightening our belt from all of us would be required to truly consistently grow our economy.”

Second, about sitting for the first time on the right with my Republican colleagues.

“As I sat next to Republican Joe Wilson from South Carolina and Republican Jeff Miller from Florida, I can honestly say everyone listened with respect, held true to their principles but demonstrated a willingness to remain open to some of the new ideas the President presented.”

“Tonight the President referenced how big America is: how we think, how we work and what we can achieve. I thought the President’s proposals were big as well, full of vision and opportunity.”

“Finally, President Obama challenged America to remember its roots as it prepares for the future so we can win in the future. Though we remain the most powerful country in the world, the President reminded us that we must relentlessly improve ourselves. The most powerful and calming part of the President’s address was when he discussed the healthcare bill. He welcomed ideas that will improve healthcare for the benefit of the American people. The President acknowledged that whether it’s healthcare or defense, WE NEED TO FIX IT AND MOVE FORWARD. I am ready to lock arms on both sides of the aisle, to think in open and innovative ways in order to help America and its neighborhoods achieve again.”

Congresswoman Richardson is a Democrat from California’s 37th Congressional District. She is a member of the House Committees on Transportation & Infrastructure and Homeland Security. Her district includes Long Beach, Compton, Carson, Watts, Willowbrook and Signal Hill.

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