Container Gardens are a Versatile Tool in Garden Design

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Colorful Container Gardens

Want to add a splash of color to your garden? Containers are great for perennial planting. Photo by Kathy Alford, Alford’s English Gardens.

For many of us, when we think of gardens we imagine pretty yards with flowers bursting from the dirt. Others may picture delicious rows of veggies waiting to be harvested from an outdoor plot. However, there is a wonderful type of garden that often gets forgotten. Container gardens!

There are many advantages to having a container garden. And, with so many options for style and design, containers are a creative way to add a focal point or accent an area with living plants. (See a collection of styles on my Container Garden Photo Gallery on Houzz!)

Of course, it’s not just about design, these are many practical reasons to choose a container garden too. 

Container Gardens are Functional and Versatile

Pots are great for first-time gardeners as they offer a micro-environment to experiment. If something isn’t working, simply dig it up and start over with a new plant.

Container gardens are also good for older gardeners because pots can be placed at varying heights which make it easier to till the soil and tend plants without the bending over. The ability to add height also makes these gardens kid- and pet-friendly because it keeps plants up and out of reach.

In short, a smartly designed container garden is incredibly versatile! It works with people and pets of all ages.

Containers Can Help Keep Plants Healthy

Containers are a smart way to quarantine plants and keep those which may be prone to disease separated from the rest.

Pots also offer mobility that can be useful for maintaining healthy plants. During seasons where the weather changes drastically, containers make it easy to move plants indoors for protection from the cold.

Fairy Garden Containers

Container Gardens offer a chance to add an element of whimsy to a yard or patio. Photo by Kathy Alford, Alford’s English Gardens.

Garden Anywhere

Container gardens are great for patios, porches and other small spaces where a traditional landscaping might not fit. A collection of planters can be a good solution for folks living in condos and apartments with little or no yard.

Simplify Seasonal Gardening

Want to add a splash of color to your garden? Containers are great for perennial planting. Switch the plants out each season to add fresh color or set a mood for your outdoor space.

About Kathy Alford
Kathy Alford is a landscape designer and the owner of Alford's English Gardens. Visit her website for more ideas, or contact her at (562) 997-4111 to schedule an appointment.

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