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Willmore City/Drake Park Historic District

By Jim Danno I’m writing to let you know about a great little community, adjacent to Downtown Long Beach, called the Willmore City/Drake Park Historic District.  It was not only the first Historic District in the city, but also the birthplace of Long Beach. 

Alamitos and 2nd — From There to There

By Jennifer Williams What neighborhood is it, exactly? 2nd street and Alamitos, on the edge of downtown, not quite the 4th street arts district … A long street of duplexes, four-plexes, and apartment buildings, a world of diversity.

Wrigley: Cat in the ‘Hood

By Shilita Montez The hot cat wails in the morning sun. She lays low to the ground, her legs gone beneath her, her static-charged pelt splayed out about her. She rolls her eyes at the mayhem in the sky above where police copters fly low through thick gray smog.

Rose Park is Coming Up Roses

By Daniel Brezenoff A simple circular park is the perfect symbolic center of one of the most diverse, attractive, and exciting neighborhoods in the world – Rose park. From the historic craftsman and Spanish-style bungalows, to the endless ethnic cuisine and funky thrift stores at its edge; from the creative-class twenty-somethings newly arriving to the long-time families who have remained through thick and thin, this enclave of every race, religion and class continues to grow and offers everything an urbanite could want – food, art, community, green space, history, diversity, and easy access to every part of the city.

Another Beautiful Morning in Bixby Knolls

By Dennis C Smith It’s 6:30 as we quietly close the front door. We head down our walk, Harrison trotting to the end of his leash looking for Bailey.  Blaire holds tight to the leash and slips her small hand into mine. We head up the street to turn east on Claiborne, no Bailey. 

The Jacarandas of Los Altos Manor

By Deana Rodriguez In the mid-1940’s, Lloyd S. Whaley purchased the Los Altos area for development (an area, “bordered by Stearns, Bellflower, Atherton and Clark,” as mentioned on Facebook’s Los Altos Neighbors group page).

Transforming Bixby Knolls, Transforming Lives

By Leslie A.M. Smith Since my husband and I bought our 1929 home in Bixby Knolls in 1998, we have witnessed a marvelous renaissance of the shopping district and of our neighborhood. More importantly, there has been a melding of the two — neighbors and merchants complementing each other.

El Dorado Park South Neighborhood

By Kym Livesay I believe it is interesting to know that our neighborhood was built in 1953 and the residents were predominately service men, returning from war, and their families.  I also think it is interesting to know that the average home price was $11,000 at that time for a four bedroom, two bath home with a two car garage. 

Charm of the past — From Cog Stones to Current Day Jewel

By Marcia Lee Harris My favorite neighborhood is actually the earliest Native American neighborhood here dating back to 2-5000 BC where the Tongva came next (500-1769). After that the property showcased the Spanish-Mexican culture, followed by the “Hide and Tallow” times of Don Temple with his Vaqueros  and the construction of the  Monterey-style adobe Rancho in 1844. 

Living In Long Beach From a 6-Year Old’s Perspective

By Vicki Walker-Lopez According to my son, Cristian Lopez, a 6-years old, Long Beach resident, what makes living in Long Beach special is being able to do and to see fun and interesting things. When asked what he likes the most about Long Beach, he gave me a list of 10 places.

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