Local “Celebrity” Chefs Enter Cooking Competition to Benefit Children with Cancer

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Local Long Beach “celebrity” chefs are partnering with Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach cancer patients for a live cooking competition to raise money for the Adolescence and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Program at the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center (JJCCC) at Miller Children’s. The AYA Oncology Program at JJCCC provides services unique to young people undergoing cancer treatments, including fertility preservation, connecting with support groups and activities exclusively dedicated to supporting adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer.

Before the event chefs and patients can garner votes through online fundraising and social media voting. Each dollar donated to a team is equivalent to one vote. At the event teams receive votes through the judging process. The celebrity chef teams’ dishes are judged on presentation, quality and taste.

Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer patients are putting their chef’s hats on and helping their team come up with the winning dish. Patients such as Tiffany Rodriguez, 20, who was diagnosed with Osteosarcorma, a cancerous bone tumor at the age of 16; Anessa Larabarrios, 6, who was diagnosed with leukemia in Oct. 2012; and Sydney Waldrop, 8, was diagnosed with Langerhans cell sarcoma after doctors found a golf-ball sized cancerous tumor wrapped around her spine, will be at the event ready to place the final garnish on their plates.

The “celebrity” chefs include Blake Christian, Iron Chef Misao Nari, Stephen Goodling, Greg Gill, Mike & Diane Jensen, Al Moro, Heather Morris, Administration Bureau Chief Braden Phillips, Deputy Chief Robert Luna and Henry Walker. Each chef has an established background with the Long Beach community and strives to make their Long Beach a better place by taking the opportunity to give back in any way they can.

To be a part of this unique cooking competition and support children with cancer, you can purchase tickets for the Cooking for Kids Competition or vote for a chef online. Visit MCHLB.org/C4K. For more information call (562) 933-1670.

About the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center at Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach

The Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center (JJCCC) at Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach provides comprehensive, family centered care to children with cancer, sickle cell disease and other serious blood disorders in a culturally sensitive environment. The Center is known for its comprehensive psychosocial programs and multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. JJCCC improves outcomes, prevents complications and enhances the quality of life for children with cancer and serious blood disorders by integrating new clinical research efforts into treatment plans. JJCCC recently opened its doors to a new floor, adding 24 private rooms in a home-like setting. Visit MillerChildrens.org/Cancer, like us on Facebook.com/MillerChildrensHospital, follow us on Twitter @MillerChildrens and on Instagram @MillerChildrens.

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