Councilman Dee Andrews requests city to update Victim Resource Guide

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crime-scene-tapeSixth District Councilman Dee Andrews is putting forth an agenda item on Tuesday’s, September 1, 2009, City Council meeting to assist victims of crimes.

The existing Long Beach Police Department Victim Resource Guide was last updated in October of 2006. Since that time there are new support organizations with improved services that will benefit the victims of crime. With the Long Beach Police Department being the first responder that arrives at a crime scene, this information could be presented to the victim in a timely matter.

Councilman Andrews is suggesting additional basic needs, health, and other organizational information to be added to the guide. “With the our economy changing so drastically, so are the basic needs of the constituents that we serve. It is imperative that we stay in tune to the needs of the people.

For more information, call the office of Councilman Andrews at (562) 570-6816.

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