Councilmember Garcia Remembers State Senator Jenny Oropeza

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Sen. Jenny Oropeza

Dear Friend:

As you have probably heard, Long Beach’s State Senator Jenny Oropeza passed away last night. Jenny was a friend, a neighbor, and a mentor. Not only was she a tremendous advocate for our city, she was a trailblazer for women, students and Latinos. She leaves a legacy of accomplishments and contributions that will continue to serve as an inspiration for all who knew her.

Jenny’s career of public service in Long Beach is long and incredibly impressive. She was Student Body President at Cal State Long Beach, and the first person to be elected to that position for two terms. She served on the LBUSD Board of Education, and then became the first Latina to be elected to the Long Beach City Council.

Jenny went on to serve our community in the State Assembly and State Senate, and has been a renowned champion for women’s health issues, the environment, children and education, among many other accomplishments.

Jenny was an extraordinary public servant. She loved Long Beach with all her heart, and always represented us admirably and courageously. Jenny is an inspiring role model for young people, and I know that her example will continue to inspire us all to be the best we can be and to serve our communities with integrity and passion just as she did.

My prayers and thoughts go out to her husband of 33 years, Tom Mullins, her family, her dear friend and Chief of Staff Sharon Weissman, and her staff.

Long Beach will never forget Jenny Oropeza.

She will be greatly missed.

Robert Garcia

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