Councilmember Neal Introduces Online Community Website Inside District 9

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Inside District 9 neighborhood website

Neighborhood tools help residents stay connected at the Inside District 9 website.

Ninth District Residents now have a new way to become more active in their community and keep up to date with current events by using a new online social action hub; With a strong emphasis on user interaction, the website encourages community input by making sure people do more than read text when visiting the site, but rather take action.

The new site aims to enhance citizen engagement with the following features:

Neighborhood tags that provide the user a geographically curated experience throughout the site.

A custom developed “Personal Feed” that pulls in site activity based on user’s friends, followers and neighbors.

An issue reporting tool that lets constituent’s alert District 9 staff of anything from a broken street light to a policy request that notifies staff and make sure every constituent issue is resolved in a timely fashion.

Neighborhood specific tools, such as the “claim your profile” tool, neighborhood project blogs and badges, a community calendar, and much more.

This online community hub is the first of its kind and will help to bridge the gap between a resident and their government or their neighbors.

“We are living in a time where the Internet and social media are very vital assets when it comes to effectively communicating with constituents. I truly feel that our new website fits perfectly into our ‘Building A Better 9th District Community Empowerment Model.” said Neal. “I believe not only 9th District residents, but all of Long Beach will benefit from the new”


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