Councilmember Pearce Announces Public Safety Improvements for Bixby Park

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Councilmember Jeannine Pearce

Councilmember Jeannine Pearce

Councilmember Jeannine Pearce has announced several public safety improvements planned for Bixby Park.

Dog Park Coming to Bixby Park

The most prominent new feature will be a dog park activating the corner of Broadway and Cherry Ave. With support of third district Councilwoman Suzie Price, who will be sharing associated improvement costs with the Second District, the new dog park will provide additional pedestrian traffic to a highly underutilized area of the park, while also maintaining a green space on the Ocean Boulevard portion of the park.

Pearce announced her plans for park improvements after learning of higher than average calls for service and receiving numerous complaints from area residents and business owners. The announcement of the dog park’s location was made after a rigorous community engagement process including a widely advertised community meeting with over 140 residents in attendance, numerous meetings with neighborhood groups and an extensive neighborhood canvass program.

“I am happy to help fund this project with Councilmember Pearce. For some time my office has looked into developing a new dog park in the Third District, but this opportunity to help a dog park come to Bixby Park, within walking distance from many of my residents is a great idea,” Added Councilwoman Suzie Price, “Not only is a dog park a great asset that dog owners in the community will benefit from, activating parks helps reduce crime greatly and creates a sense of community that brings people together.”

In 2014, the community completed the update to the Bixby Park Master Plan, which proposed many visual upgrades to the park. Councilmember Pearce expressed enthusiasm to implement components of this vision into the proposed dog park while maintaining all existing amenities within Bixby Park utilized by residents and visitors.

“The residents near this park have been reaching out to our office for the past year,” Marie Knight, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Marine said in a statement, “We feel that a dog park, which was a highly desired amenity during the community outreach for the 2014 Master Plan process, will be another great addition to this park.”

The dog park is expected to break ground and be completed in the next 90 days.

Infrastructural Improvements and New Field Office

In the past few months there have been multiple upgrades to the park to help keep residents and visitors safe. After many calls for service, upgrades have been made to prevent vandalism and prevent loitering. Plans have also been developed for a council district office to be located in the park so residents will be closer than ever to the services that the City of Long Beach provides. Pearce’s district office is expected to open in May.

To ensure the general day to day safety of the park, Pearce has been working closely with agencies including the Long Beach Police Department and the Department of Public Works to improve lighting, increase patrols of the Quality of Life officer to engage with the park’s homeless population and has provided a member of her staff to check in on the overall well-being of the park on a weekly basis.

“Bixby Park is the gem of the Second District and we are lucky to have so many community groups focused on preserving and activating the park.. I am excited to continue to work with constituents and organizations whose mission to ensure Bixby Park is a safe and welcoming space for all residents.” -Councilmember Jeannine Pearce

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