Councilmember Steven Neal Invites Residents of The 9th To Participate in Spring Cleaning Challenge

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9th district spring cleaning

Councilmember Steven Neal invites families and residents to participate in the “9th District Spring Cleaning Challenge” throughout the month of April. This annual initiative is aimed to clean up and beautify the neighborhoods within the district before the summer months arrive.

During the month of April, 9th District residents are invited to report all instances of potholes, graffiti, dumped items, damaged street signs, and other basic maintenance issues to our office in order to keep our district clean and presentable.

Individuals and neighborhood associations who have the most items reported will be presented with an award. The neighborhood association with the most reported items during this month will receive a matching grant of $1,000 for a neighborhood improvement project.

Last year, residents submitted about 250 maintenance issues during spring cleaning and wrote about 80 letters to Cal-Trans about the condition of the freeway on-ramps. This year, we challenge our residents to beat it by submitting at least 500 maintenance issues in the month of April!

Residents can submit a report by:

“Ensuring our community is clean and safe is a top concern of the 9th District. That’s why, this month, I’m glad to bring back the 2nd Annual 9th District Spring Cleaning Challenge with my 9th District neighbors. This year, I challenge my neighbors to beat last year’s challenge by submitting 500 issues. We’re also awarding the neighborhood association that hosts a neighborhood cleanup and submits the most maintenance issues with a matching $1,000 grant for a neighborhood improvement project. Let the cleaning begin!”said Neal.

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